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About Our HPT App

The Hazard Perception Test is the second stage in the licensing process. You must pass the HPT to progress from P1 to P2! You can start practicing in no time with all 36 hazard videos that cover all Australian states.

All States Covered

Find all 36 Hazard Videos that are currently in use in NSW, Victoria, Queenlands, South Australia and Western Australia. Videos cover Reflex or Crossing Lanes Activities.

Test Mode

Our app reproduces the exact conditions you will face during the real exam. All the videos are up to date with the official test and regulations currently in Australia.

Fun Learning

Enjoy a friendly UI and Dark Mode to practice anywhere and anytime! A Dashboard will help you focus on your weaknesses and pass your HPT test.

How The App Works?


The Hazard Perception Test app provide all the official practice videos into just 1 app. The app concentrates on assessable material and allows for targeted and effective learning. The app is suitable for all Australian states!


Head to the study mode to learn from the official categories. Select a video from Reflex or Crossing Lanes Activities and tap when you find a hazard.

Test mode

Our premium students have a access to the practice test mode. You can simulate the real test, focus on weaknesses or get a progression chart after each test.


After you pass your real exam, come back and tell us about your experience so we can keep on helping other people to pass their HPT.

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